About us

Fortune Realty

21 Vasilissis Sofias Avenue,
Kolonaki, 106 74, Greece

Tel: +(30) 210 3389000

Our Values

Uncompromising integrity and professionalism are the foundations of our business. Offering the highest level of service while doing so in the spirit of a partnership with our clients has defined us as a company. We have the utmost respect and consideration for those we collaborate with and approach each one of our client’s requests as unique.

Our Clients

Each of our clients has a vision of what they are seeking, whether it be a seaside holiday villa or private island, or a unique home in the city. Their sophistication combined with their refined taste and sometimes love for nature, creates requests for properties that are rare and at times challenging to find. We aim to be in tune with all aspects and subtleties of our client’s needs to help crystallise their vision and make it a reality. Moreover, each of our business relationships, both buy-side and sell-side, is upheld with mutual trust and a strict level of confidentiality, creating the necessary environment to achieve a smooth and successful outcome.

Our Expertise

We focus our efforts solely on high-end properties that exemplify good taste and that are unique in nature. Special emphasis is undoubtedly given to seaside properties and private islands, something that is a natural consequence given our focus, not to mention the exquisite beauty and exceptional climate the country has to offer. When it comes to city residences, we prioritise for the most prized monument of Athens, the Acropolis, to be their main feature. Consistently providing our clients, both domestic and international, with outcomes beneficial to all parties involved, has driven our success, as well as assisted in expanding our network around the world.

Our Team

Our team is comprised of experienced professionals, all with international backgrounds, and is highly regarded in the local real estate industry. We are characterised by complementing our experience with an outlook that is fresh and entrepreneurial in spirit. Our team consists of highly qualified real estate brokers, surveyors, engineers, architects, as well as lawyers, all of whom are connected by their passion for what they do, based on our vision and our unique point of view.

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